by | Jan 30, 2017

Update: I no longer take donations, but leave this up here because it makes me laugh. Thanks to everyone that helped me out! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

What’s there to say? I’m poor AF, help a skincare-addict out. Joking aside, I am by no means a savvy computer-programmer or web-developer. Can you tell? You might have noticed the site crashing from time to time — that would be me being an idiot on the back end of things. So yeah, maintaining this site takes many many hours (it’s another full time job).

I don’t run any banners or ads. I provide all the information on this website for free. And I will always provide all the information on this website for free. However, because helping others before profit isn’t the most lucrative business in today’s world (unfortunately), and I am just a mere mortal boggled down by the necessities of food consumption, rent-paying, and other obligatory trying-to-stay-alive activities — donations are very very much appreciated, and what keeps this site alive. Thanks! 🙂