Hi there! Thanks for looking to contact me. I try and get back to everyone, but due to the number of emails and comments I get on a daily basis, that’s simply not possible. My sincerest apologies. 

Before emailing me, please read the following guidelines, as it greatly increase the chances of getting a response! Thank you.


  • If you have a general or skincare related question you can either comment on the blog or subscribe to the email newsletter. Once subscribed, you’ll receive a confirmation email you can respond to that goes directly to my inbox. Please do not ask for medical diagnoses or consultations. I recommend seeing a medical professional instead. Additionally, I do not respond to requests asking if a product or brand is okay to use. I have made plenty of recommendations and guidelines on this website to help with that.
  • Guest posts. I have only ever accepted one, and that was from a longtime fan of the blog so it’s unlikely I will agree. However, if you think you can genuinely add value to this site and its readers I’m all ears. My audience is intelligent, engaging, thoughtful, curious and deserves the utmost respect. Half-assed written articles that aren’t specifically tailored to this site won’t be considered, so don’t even bother.
  • For business related inquiries email, but note that your pitch must be personalized! List specific examples of how your services will make this site or business better. Screenshots and statistics are preferred. If I can tell you’re sending the same generic email to a bunch of other bloggers, I won’t even read it before its in the trash folder.
  • Partnerships, media, press, other. Read the above bullet point and adjust accordingly. Remember, be specific about what you want or are offering. Thanks!
  • To share research, tips, or make recommendations email the following address: